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Organizational Alignment

“2019 marked the biggest milestone in Stanford Healthcare history with the innovative opening of

a state-of-the-art, world-class hospital, the 500P.” 

November 17th, 2019

500P Path to Activation
500P Path to Activation

More Than A Decade in the Making

November 17th, 2019, the opening day of 500P was a special day for the staff of SHC.

  • Bedside nurses were utilized as key stakeholders during the processes of planning, designing, and activation stages of 500P.

  • In line with the Magnet concepts of a decentralized environment, during the planning stages of 500P, staff were encouraged to share wish lists of what they believed would create the perfect nursing environment. 

  • 500P Champions, made up of front-line nursing staff, were a core team that ensured operational readiness for the opening day and facilitated staff engagement throughout all levels of SHC.

  • Over a decade in the making, 500P united caring with science through the integration of gardens, walking trails, and a meditation room, along with the cutting-edge technology incorporated into the 368 new patient beds. 


Now let the renovations in 300P begin!

Clinical Nurses as 500P Champions
500P Champions
500P Champions

When Patient Care Services started the journey to navigate the complex world of activation planning, they quickly learned that building a new hospital is unlike any other challenge they had encountered.  There was operational planning, training and orientation, logistics coordination, move-preparation and countless other activities that needed to be brought together; it was clear that the activation and opening of the new 500P hospital building would need all hands on deck to ensure success. 

Standardization of Work designed by frontline nurses
as 500P Champions

“Being involved in this project was an amazing experience.  It allowed me to become a change agent in the organization during a time when there was much innovation happening.”

Josh Dodson BSN, RN, CCRN

Assistant Patient Care Manager

M4 Neuro Intensive Care Unit

Being one of the team members of the bedside cart project helped Josh Dodson, BSN, RN, CCRN develop into the progressive clinical leader he is now.  

Curious about 500P Clinical Nurse Champions' bedside cart pioneering project?


The success of the project was made possible through the support and collaborative efforts of


ICU Managers

  • Maureen Fay (E2)

  • Dennis Manzanades (D1) 

  • Maia Bucoy-Duque (E29)

Supply Chain Management Team

  • Katie Dean

  • Candice Zolmierski

  • Jamie Anderson

Senior Program Manager

  • Darren Batara

Bedside Cart Champions

Front-line ICU Clinical Nurses


500P Opening and 300P Reset
500P Opening and 300 P Reset
500P Opening: Patient Day 1

On November 17th, 2019, over the span of 6 hours, our teams moved 195 patients into 500P and facilitated moving 75 patients within 300P.  All these activities allowed us to maximize collocation with service lines and convert our inpatient units to private rooms. 

The collaboration, planning, and efforts created a successful patient move.  Together, we accomplished a significant milestone in activating 500P for patient care while maintaining patient and staff safety throughout our move activities.  

The success of this unforgettable and exhilarating day was due to the efforts and contributions of many people which created a seamless and safe process for our patients and staff.

500P Opening and 300P Reset
300P Reset

On Sunday, November 17th, 1,600 staff members orchestrated patient room transitions during the historic and electrifying opening of the state-of-the-art 500P building.  On that same day, 300P also began its momentous revamping process into all private rooms, along with a reconfiguration of the existing units and remaining staff.  By 4:30 PM, the 75 remaining patients in 300P were moved into their own private rooms and the next exciting phase of renovation began.

Phase two of the renewal project is to update the 300P building to match the feel, flow, and technology of the brand-new 500P building.  Starting in 2020, the D wing, G1, and H1 will be refreshed, followed by the E wing, then F wing.  Each room will be a private room with a renovated large bathroom and expanded space for families, maintaining a similar feel to the modern 500P rooms.  Eventually, two new extensions with 57 new patient rooms will be built onto the D and E pods.  In addition, the innovative Interventional Platform Department will be updated to include 19 Operating Rooms, two new procedure rooms, and a 72-bed PACU

It’s an exhilarating time to be a part of the growing Stanford organization!

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