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Shared Leadership Council

Stanford’s Shared Leadership Council (SLC) model of shared governance supports collaborative decision making among nursing leadership, front line clinicians, and interprofessional colleagues’ organization-wide. 

2019 has been an instrumental year for SLC reaching new milestones and groundbreaking expansions. The level of engagement from the interdisciplinary, patient-facing clinicians shined as they took on the following areas:

  • Re-aligned the SLC Structure to reflect the Stanford Health Care’s Strategic & Operational Plans

  • Supported 500P opening by providing training to colleagues in their new work environment

  • Launched the Idea Generation Form to foster nursing research

  • Suggested improvements of the Charge Nurse Role core curriculum

  • Hosted over 200 high school students, introducing them to careers in health care 

  • Reviewed 244 Action Request Forms (ARFs) submitted on the new and improved ARF platform 


Shared Leadership Council (SLC): Organization-wide 

SLC continues to provide structural empowerment and embraces transformational leadership serving as a professional development platform -- empowering and enhancing the exceptional leadership potentials of SHC's frontline clinical leaders. 

In 2019: 

  • 11 newly promoted Assistant Patient Care Managers

participated in SLC throughout the year prior transitioning into their next leadership role in Stanford Health Care

  • 46 newly promoted nurses advanced through the

clinical ladder program and were recognized for exemplary professional practice

Baird, Rebecca CNIII

Barnett, Michael CNIII 

Barnett, Paras CNIII

Behey, Yuliya CNIII 

Chen, Michelle CNIII

Coopersmith, Estelle CNIII

Dang, Kathy CNIII  

Dolan, Lauren CNIII  

Gallivan, Jordan CNIII

Goldsby, Margo CNIII

Johnson, Kim CNIII

Jones, Dana CNIII

Kambs, Christi CNIII

Kautz, Acacia CNIII

Kelly, Elizabeth CNIII

Kwon, Kay CNIII

Lacar, Kathleen CNIII

Lee, Brian CNIV

Liberty, Danielle CNIII

Lynch, Nick CNIII

Marquez, Elizabeth (Beth) CNIII

Martinez, Jacqui CNIII

Musafar, Anita CNIII

McNulty, Kristin CNIII

Morey, Megan CNIII

Nguyen, Tan CNIII

Nmanza, Jenna CNIII

Park, Jung CNIII

Pepi, Danielle CNIII

Saucedo, An CNIII

Tan, Tiffan CNIII

Tatla, Neesha CNIII

Vinluan, Khristine CNIII

Virani, Maleka CNIII

Brencic, Jacueline CNIV

Inobe, Julia CNIV

Liu, Fang CNIV

Rambac, Elvira CNIV

Rodriguez, Molly CNIV

Saad, Shnwell CNIV

Soriano, Genalin CNIV

Sutorius, Camelia CNIV

Teocson, Rizza CNIV

Tetreault, Jessica CNIV

Thai, Jenny CNIV

Yip,Teresa CNIV

SLC Members who have achieved PNDP promotion

Brian Lee, BSN, RN, CMSRN. CN IV,  has served as the Unit Educator for the past 12 years in the ENT, Plastic, Chronic Pain Unit and has maintained his Clinical Nurse IV status for the past 8 years.


It is Brian's goal to promote and cultivate professional growth among his peers. He is committed to providing them with opportunities and guidance so they, too, can develop into excellent clinical nurses.  He finds his role as CN IV and Unit Educator as a great opportunity to create individualized learning tools to support his peer's growth and professional development. 

Brian's "Stand Out" strengths are STIMULATOR and CREATOR. He turns anxiety into confidence, making him an exceptional unit educator!

2019 marked the expansion of Shared Leadership Council into the ambulatory care settings.

An in-depth commitment was devoted to exploring opportunities to ensure that SHC nursing aligned with the goal of inclusivity by expanding its structure into ambulatory care services.

Ambulatory Shared Leadership Councils received tremendous engagement with the development of 11 Service Line Councils and participation of 120 council members. 

The Ambulatory Shared Leadership Council officially launched in December 2019. 

"In bringing shared governance to the ambulatory care setting, Stanford Health Care is bridging those gaps and connecting nurses in order to create an environment of continuous dissemination of information and collaboration. By sharing new ideas and best practices, we can improve care delivery for our patients." 

Sierra Kane, BSN, RN, DNC, PCCN, RN-BC
Ambulatory Shared Leadership Coordinating Council Chair

Clinical Nurse IV, Emeryville Multispecialty Clinics

Sierra Kane_Photo.jpg

Ambulatory Care Services in 2019 Magnet Conference

Based on the Councilor model of Shared Governance, SHC’s ambulatory SLC is comprised of a coordinating council and 4 other councils including Practice, Education, Research, and Professional Growth and Development Councils.  This shared platform of decision-making encourages nursing autonomy across all care settings to positively influence nursing practice, quality improvement, education, and nursing leadership. 

In line with the Magnet Program’s emphasis on ambulatory care and outpatient settings in 2019, SHC brought many members of ambulatory care’s SLC to the Magnet conference in 2019. 

While 500P was undergoing its path to activation, SHC demonstrated its commitment to be intentionally collaborative and inclusive of the ambulatory care services by sponsoring 70 RNs to attend the 2019 Magnet Conference, the majority of which were RNs from the ambulatory care service and or ambulatory SLC members.

Dale Beatty, CNO, VP of Patient Care Services, and Nursing Excellence Department in collaboration with Julie Tisnado, ambulatory Associate Chief Nursing Officer (ACNO), supported __ ambulatory care leaders (clinical to executive) to attending the Annual ANCC Magnet Conference. 

First-ever Ambulatory Nursing Grand Rounds 

In December of 2019, Ambulatory Care Services hosted the first-ever Ambulatory Nursing Grand Rounds with highlights from the 2019 Magnet Conference in Orlando, Florida. 


Melissa Luces, RN, CCRN, Cindy Wu, RN, Belinda Lovo, MSN, RN,  and Kat Phelps, RN, PCCN were among the ambulatory care nurses who were sponsored to attend the conference. They were empowered to be the pioneer presenters at the invigorating Ambulatory Nursing Grand Rounds.


The Ambulatory NGR turned out to be a significant success with over 90 attendees, who appreciated the opportunity to learn and network among their peers. 

In 2020, the Ambulatory Care Services Department aims to host the NGR on a quarterly basis.

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