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Stanford Nursing Overview

Stanford Nursing Overview

Our nurses are more than the backbone of our organization. They are bold leaders, compassionate healers, educators, and mentors, providing everyday

care to our patients and creating long-term impressions that continue to set us apart.

Magnet Model



It is a tremendous honor for Stanford Health Care (SHC)

to be among 8% of all registered hospitals that achieve the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) Magnet Recognition. There are 509 Magnet hospitals worldwide, with 38 in California.

SHC initially received Magnet Recognition for Nursing Excellence in 2007 and was granted Magnet re-designation in April of 2012 and October of 2016. SHC will submit its 4th Magnet Re-designation application in August 2020. Click here to learn more about Magnet and SHC's journey to 4th Magnet accreditation.

SHC Magnet Journey

Professional Practice Model 

HEART (Honesty, Excellence, Advocacy, Respect, Teamwork) and compassion are the core values embraced by Stanford Healthcare nurses.  These are the driving forces behind the SHC Professional Practice Model and its unifying mission of “to care, to educate, to discover".

Stanford Healthcare’s Dialysis Unit is one of the many SHC teams that embodies the Professional Practice Model. With each nurse's expertise, team's diversity, and commitment to professional excellence this highly involved unit works together daily to uphold SHC's caring HEART.

Caring Science

Beginning in 2007, Stanford Health Care embraced Jean Watson’s “Caring Science” theory. This transformative theory-guided practice of human caring and love has been influential in the promotion of nursing excellence and professional leadership. This intertwining of “Caring Science”, with nursing practice, translates into increased intentionality, and a deepening of authentic presence; thereby renewing nurse relationships through universal, ethical, and person-centered care.

In 2019, Stanford Health Care's very own Chief Nursing Officer, Dale Beatty, as a leader of exemplary professional practice personified transformational leadership and positively influenced nursing values by becoming a Caritas Coach.

Following Dale’s lead, in 2019 SHC sponsored 8 RNs to develop into visionary Caritas Coaches who model a heart-centered approach to health care.  This opportunity was shared with everyone from frontline nurses to nurse managers to directors, shaping SHC’s culture of compassionate caring and humanistic healing. 

To date, SHC has a total of 21 Caritas Coaches, all committed to the integration of Watson's Caring Science Theory in our professional practice.

To learn more, view SHC’s 2019 Caritas Coach video!

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